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Choosing Your Stock Broker

The aim of this brief article is to provide you with some advice on how to choose your stock broker - online or traditional


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The aim of this brief article is to provide you with the best advise you on how to accordingly choose your stock broker, what type of advice different type of stockbrokers have to offer and how that could potentially impact your final decision.


The first thing that is required to do, is to start stock trading and open a trading account with a stockbroker. You are free to open up a trading account and deal in shares without anyone’s advice; however, it would be wise to consult a stockbroker, even very experienced investors have their own stockbroker.


As a novice stock trader, it would be best advised to choose the best online stock broker possible, When choosing stocks, take into consideration what your priorities and goals are, especially when choosing a stockbroker. Some online brokers would not suit your specific requirements hence the need to try and assess them carefully.


The factors to consider are:


What Type of Advice Is In the Offering?


A broker offers generic advice to many traders as well as exclusive advice, but more specifically for one trader or a group of traders. The generic tips and consultations are standardized for all of their clients, charge relatively less, while those offering exclusive charge more. Hence, your decision could be based simply on the cost factor or on how you wish to trade.


How Much Commission Would an Online Broker Charge


Every stock trading broker offering you a brokerage account will charge commissions; the only difference would be in the percentage of the volumes of money you trade. The brokers who charge more commission normally offer several extra services; however, if you wish to pay less commission then there is no need to take advantage of these extra services.


Availability Types of Customer Support


As a novice trader, you may have many questions require help from your online stock broker more frequently than others. Make sure the online broker you choose is always available to guide you and help when needed. There are several ways of getting in touch with your online broker, such as email, text, online chat, or telephone.


The Expertise of a Stock Broker


The expertise of the broker will determine how often you would make a profit and how much profit you are able to make. This depends on the different types of investing that you wish to pursue. There are typically two types of investors, the buy-sell or short term investment (also known as a day trade) and the buy-hold-sell long term investor. It’s best advised to choose a broker according to the type of investment you wish to participate in.