Advanced Strategies Articles

A Forex hedge is used by investors as insurance against adverse exchange rate movements. Discover more about currency hedging in our thorough guide.

Put options are a great tool for risk management. Learn how to incorporate stock options into your trading strategy.

Never heard of Gann Theory? Learn to use Gann angles to improve your technical analysis and raise your online trading performance.

When trading commodities, it’s important that you learn how to hedge your risks in order to minimise losses. Find out how, here.

Investors should be hedging their portfolios against unsystematic risks through risk diversification where their portfolios are made up of investments that are not closely correlated.

Scalping currency pairs is a popular Forex trading strategy. Learn about forex scalping.

Deciding which stocks to buy is the result of a good investment plan which meets your goals and a thorough analysis of the stocks that meet your investment criteria.

Copy trading is quite simply the act of copying the trades of more experienced traders. MetaTrader offers a huge number of signals providers, some which may entail payment to the provider.