Trading Articles

The key to successfully trading volatile currency pairs is to control your risk through a trading plan including sound money and risk management rules.

A Forex spread is the difference as measured in pips between the quoted bid and the ask rates. Why is the bid-ask spread so important?

The trending nature of currency cross rates can be used advantageously in currency trading. Discover more about it with Queensway.

Having a thorough understanding of using an economic calendar in your short-term trading strategy can enhance your performance when trading.

What is the Elliott Wave theory and how does it work? Have a read through Queensway’s thorough guide to get to grips with this notion.

As part of trading strategies evolving from the Fibonacci sequence, Fibonacci arcs and fans are valuable Forex indicators. Read more from Queensway.

A Forex hedge is used by investors as insurance against adverse exchange rate movements. Discover more about currency hedging in our thorough guide.

Among the most popular indicators for technical analysts, moving averages are one of the most widely used. Learn how to use moving averages with Queensway.