Trading Articles

A pip is the smallest possible price change in the exchange rate of an FX pair. Find out how to calculate pips with Queensway and why it’s important.

Fundamental Analysis – the Fundamentals Fundamental analysis is one of the two principal methods used by traders to evaluate the intrinsic value of an asset and forecast its direction based on how undervalued or overvalued it is.

What is the difference between fundamental and technical analysis? Queensway explores some of the differences between the methods.

Swing trading is a trading strategy in which trades are entered to take advantage of the retracements that occur between the support and resistance levels that lie along major trend lines.

Nearly every course on options begins with the famous story of Thales and the olive presses. Few mention Josef de la Vega, who wrote the first book ever on stock trading.

Put options are a great tool for risk management. Learn how to incorporate stock options into your trading strategy.

Read about how Gann angles are created by technical analysts and how they can be used in forex trading to predict future asset moves.

Never heard of Gann Theory? Learn to use Gann angles to improve your technical analysis and raise your online trading performance.