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Commodities Trading

Commodities – the Oldest Trade Around

The history of commodities trading is quite simply the history of financial markets in a nutshell. The first human trade was a barter of physical assets – a knife for a fur, an apple for a steak, and so on. Consequently, the growth of commodities markets parallels the growth of human societies; and the creation of the blockchain seems perfectly suited to solve over-leveraging of contracts versus substance in commodities markets. At the Queensway Academy, we’ve created an entire curriculum that takes you through the nuts and bolts of commodities trading and introduces the student to the concepts and workings of financial markets. Why are commodities different from other physical assets? What are ticks and points, and why do they differ from one commodity to the other? And just how complex are commodities contracts and derivatives? We’ll show how futures, options and forwards were created to insure the commodities producer against the qualms of nature and the fickleness of human consumers. And we’ll learn how to analyse the indicators so that the next surprise won’t leave us with our oil barrels leaking.

Interested in learning about the most fundamental market of them all? Learn how to Invest in Commodities.

Commodities markets are ruled by supply and demand. But as opposed to the technical aspects of these, the fundamentals here rule: What are the geo-politics surrounding the supply of oil and soybeans? What makes an almost ineffectual metal a reason to go to war, enslave entire continents and serve as the most vibrant go-to asset in times of economic turmoil? Learn how to trade commodities.


When investing in commodities, you cannot afford to be unaware of all the aspects of commodities pricing, its fundamentals and its risks. Master these and the ease of unearthing the motivating forces makes trading nearly an automatic if-then activity, albeit one that will leave you on the edge of your chair biting your fingernails in suspense.
  • Discover the fascinating relationship between investing in commodities and trading their derivatives.
  • Find out why contracts and their units vary from one commodity to the next.
  • Learn the difference between hard and soft commodities, agricultural and livestock.
  • Uncover the beauty of futures and forwards commodity contracts, vanilla options and CFDs.

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The Queensway curriculum has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive background aimed at understanding financial markets, their components and their workings.

An Introduction to Financial Assets

Of all the financial assets, none are nearly as tangible as commodities. Find out why traders prefer these to shares and bonds, and how ETFs open entirely new possibilities for the commodities trader.

Basics of Trading

Once you’ve mastered the ins and outs of ticks, points and contract sizes, learn to short commodities in a falling market, the importance of charting and the pros and cons of daytrading.

Financial Analysis

With commodities, nearly all you need is in the news. A firm understanding of technical analysis, however, will serve you well in understanding public reactions to the information they too have accessed.

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Trading Oil, Gold and Other Commodities

Trading Oil, Gold and Other Commodities is quite possibly the most riveting ebook in our ebook library. Still, the library is quite extensive, and being able to download them all is just one more advantage of signing up to a single course. In this ebook, besides learning how to invest in commodities, we move grippingly forward from the Bronze Age to the Blockchain age, showing how commodities have been an integral part of human development. Watch as commodities exchanges evolve from the church-side markets of the Middle Ages to the online behemoths where today’s commodities are exchanged. And find out what happens in a market where the value ratio of a physical asset to its derivative contracts flows into the hundreds to one.
  • A history of commodities
  • Commodity types and categories.
  • Contract types and parties
  • How to trade commodities, like gold and oil – without requiring a warehouse.
Read about this and more in Trading Oil, Gold and Other Commodities.