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Managing a portfolio is a science – when to diversify and hedge? how to divide your classes and instruments? how to offset profit and security? in short – how to maximize the efficiency of your trading profits.

The best time to trade shares is when the quarterlies come out. Find out the difference between earnings, revenue and income. What happens when there’s a surprise? Earnings season is when companies reveal whether they’re on target and the trading action peaks.

The economic calendar is every trader’s best friend. From the least significant investor behaviour to the most important FED rate, it includes all the major events on the economic horizon & its global influence. Learn to use it.

Compound interest, central bank interest and all other kinds of interest. How do we determine the price of money? How is a nation’s economy influenced by interest? These and more are fascinating topics – especially if you intend to monetise them.

An introduction to MT5 – its parts and potential. Find out how to get the information you need, then how to open, edit and close a position, and much, much more.