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Queensway’s Basic Package is directed at absolute beginners – those who have never seen a financial market in their life. We’ll introduce you to the concept of a market, what characterizes a financial market – its units and assets – and basic terminology. Then we’ll show you what you’re in for in our course on the basics of Trading.

1 Online Trading Courses
An impressive anthology of professional courses created by a wide-ranging group of financial market experts.
11 Minutes of Video Lessons
Easy-to-understand video lessons on a variety of topics.
3 Trading Tools
Signals, analysis and more – all at your trading disposal.
1 Education Tool
Webinars and personal mentoring – exchange ideas and experience, grow your trading network.
2 Financial eBooks
The Queensway eBook library has become a standard in financial trading. Download it for free.

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Regulation and Trading Safely

Regulation and Trading Safely

  • Pages: 9
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 1433KB
  • Language: English
  • © Copyrighted

Financial trading is often considered a zero-sum game – one person’s gains are another person’s losses. Is that truly so?


This iconic ebook takes us from the early days of Mafia-inducing alcohol prohibition in the US through the crimes and misdemeanours of major banking corporations to the present-day effort in the ongoing battle against money laundering and terrorist financing.


What we will learn


We will show how financial regulation is crucial to maintaining an even playing field, transparency amongst service providers and supervising the entire monetary establishment. For without these, our trust in the system erodes, and its means of value conveyance – the world’s entire monetary system – is undermined.


We will discuss cases where wrongdoings led to global financial mayhem, and what is being done to prevent these in the future.

We will show how regulation is taking the online trading industry – born in the heyday of online gambling – and forcing it into the established investment industry as a viable alternative. There, by dint of its high-tech infrastructures and business models, it enjoys a comfortable lead when it comes to monitoring trading activities and governing the crucial capabilities of client identification, funds protection and other recent regulatory requirements.


Learn about:


• Types of regulation and regulators
• Why we need regulation
• KYC, AML, AoA and FNS procedures
… and a whole lot more.


In a world where our identities are more and more an online commodity, we will learn to understand the importance of regulation in protecting ourselves, our money, our children and our environment.


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Tips for Traders

Tips for Traders

  • Pages: 15
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 1812KB
  • Language: English
  • © Copyrighted

This extensive work attempts to give some depth and breadth to a topic covered by literally thousands of similar but superficial web pages.


Learning to trade is not a matter of mastering some tips, as the book eloquently states; it’s a matter of knowing how to prioritize the masses of information and techniques at the trader’s fingertips. For the bottom line is making money, and by entering the trading milieu, one is pitting one’s self against some very tough, very intelligent experts.


What we will learn


• Master your emotions and the technology
• Know what, when and how to trade
• Pay no attention to trading tips.


These are just a few of the tips you will find in this book – extensively pored over and explained so that they become a lecture in themselves.


Tips for Traders is a work of respect – respect for the financial environment, respect for those who tread its waters, and respect for those who are willing to devote the time, energy and personal responsibility of taking their financial futures in hand.


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